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What is a psalm of lament?

What is a psalm of lament? The main purpose of a psalm of lament is to tell the Lord about a difficult situation, to ask him for his help, and to praise him for helping. Some laments are community, congregational psalms. Others are individual, personal laments. One third of all the Psalms are psalms of […]

What is “Sheol”?

What is “Sheol”? In the OT, the Hebrew word “Sheol” (9:17) refers to the place where people go when they die. It is similar to the Greek word “Hades.” Both words are usually translated “death” or “the grave.”

Where is Zion?

Where is Zion? Zion (2:6) is the mountain where Jerusalem and the temple were built. The term “Zion” sometimes refers to ancient Jerusalem and sometimes stands for the permanent home where God’s people will live forever with him (see Isa. 4:2–6; 12:1–6; 65:17–25).