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“Go, serve other gods.”

“Go, serve other gods.” Telling a fellow Israelite to go and serve other gods (26:19) was a capital offense against the Lord. For non-Israelites, it was a commonly accepted practice to serve the gods of the nation where one lived, regardless of one’s own national gods.


After the destruction of Shiloh, Nob apparently became the city where the priests and Levites lived. Although its exact location is unknown, it was probably a mile or two north of Jerusalem. After the building of the temple, Jerusalem became the nation’s official religious center.

What was the significance of the new moon?

What was the significance of the new moon? The new moon was the day of the first appearance of the crescent moon in the western sky at sunset. This marked the beginning of the month in the lunar calendar. One of the main festivals in Israelite society was held at the time of the new […]

The sound of victory

The sound of victory. The sight of women singing, dancing, and playing tambourines was very common following a military victory (18:6). Ancient clay figurines or plaques showing women playing tambourines have been found in Israel.

Fed to the birds and beasts

Fed to the birds and beasts. In Israel, being killed and left for scavenger birds, like vultures, was considered shameful (17:46). It deprived a person of a meaningful burial where family members could properly mourn.