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How large was Israel under Solomon’s rule?

How large was Israel under Solomon’s rule? During the reign of Solomon, Israel extended into the Sinai desert near Egypt in the south and to the Euphrates River in the north. It was roughly three times the size of Israel today and would have included parts of present-day Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria.

No witnesses

No witnesses. Under normal circumstances, priests and judges would have presided over the case between the two prostitutes (3:16–28). However, because there were no witnesses to the case, the law required them to go before Solomon. The king was considered to be the highest court of appeal.

Horns of the altar

Horns of the altar. Many ancient Near Eastern cultures regarded shrines and temples as places where a person could seek safety and refuge. In Hebrew culture, a person accused of a crime might grasp the horns of the altar (1:50) to indicate that he was seeking protection from the Lord.


God promised to establish David’s kingdom forever (2 Sam. 7:1–17). Although Adonijah was David’s eldest living son, Nathan and Bathsheba’s actions ensured that Solomon’s claim to the throne was stronger (ch. 1). Solomon became king at David’s death.