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Jeremiah Prophesies against Moab

In a series of prophetic condemnations of nations surrounding Judah, Jeremiah foretold of the doom of Moab and its cities. Moab had often acted as an enemy of Judah, from the time God’s people were preparing to enter the Promised Land (Numbers 22–24) to the time the Moabites formed a coalition with the Ammonites and […]

Jeremiah Prophesies against Egypt

c. 586 b.c. Many of the leading families who had been freed from Ishmael chose to flee to Egypt to escape the Babylonians’ wrath over Gedaliah’s murder. Though Jeremiah himself warned against this course of action, he apparently was forced to accompany the refugees to Tahpanhes in Egypt, where he delivered a prophecy against Egypt and […]

Gedaliah Is Assassinated

586 b.c. After depopulating Judah of all but the poorest of its inhabitants, the Babylonians set up a new governor, Gedaliah, in Mizpah. Among Gedaliah’s new officers was Ishmael, a member of the Judean royal family. King Baalis of the Ammonites incited Ishmael to assassinate Gedaliah at Mizpah, and then he slaughtered many pilgrims from Shechem, […]

The Fall of Jerusalem

586 b.c. As punishment for Zedekiah’s rebellion, Nebuchadnezzar attacked Jerusalem. After the Babylonians had made a breach in the wall at the middle gate, Zedekiah realized his fate was sealed if he stayed in the city, so he and his soldiers attempted to escape during the night through a gate between two walls at the southeast […]

Babylon Attacks Judah

586 b.c. The Babylonians had invaded Judah at least once before in 597 b.c., but in 586 Nebuchadnezzar completely destroyed the walls of Jerusalem and the temple as punishment for Zedekiah’s rebellion. Zedekiah himself fled Jerusalem but was caught by the Babylonians near Jericho and sent to Riblah to face judgment.

The Babylonian Empire

c. 597, 586, 582 b.c. Jeremiah witnessed multiple deportations of many of his fellow Judeans to Babylon (see 52:28–30), which he and other prophets had foretold would happen if the people did not repent of their wickedness. Jeremiah specifically foretold that the exiles would remain in Babylon for 70 years, after which time the Lord would punish […]

The Near East at the Time of Habakkuk

c. 620 b.c. Though the exact date of the prophecies of Habakkuk are difficult to determine, it is likely that he prophesied a short time before the Babylonian invasions of Judah, which began in 605 b.c. During this time the Assyrian Empire was in decline, and the Babylonians were rising to replace them as the dominant power in […]

Israel and Judah at the Time of Jeremiah

c. 597 b.c. The book of Jeremiah is set during the politically tumultuous times following the fall of the Assyrians and the rise of the Babylonians. Jeremiah witnessed multiple deportations of Judeans to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. Though the precise boundaries of Judea and the surrounding regions during this period are […]

Assyria Attacks Judah and Jerusalem

c. 701 b.c. During the reign of Hezekiah of Judah, Sennacherib of Assyria came and attacked cities along the western edge of Judah, and he sent officials to besiege Jerusalem and convince Hezekiah to surrender. The Cushite king Tirhakah advanced from Egypt to support Hezekiah but apparently failed. The siege of Jerusalem was broken when the […]