Transliteration of Hebrew Words in the ESV Study Bible


Letter Name of Letter Transliteration
א aleph ’ (a closing single quotation mark)
ב beth b
ג gimel g
ד daleth d
ה he h
ו waw w
ז zayin z
ח heth kh (but h in hesed)
ט teth t
י yod y
כ, ך kaph, final kaph k
ל lamedh l
מ, ם mem, final mem m
נ, ן nun, final nun n
ס samekh s
ע ayin ‘ (an opening single quotation mark)
פ, ף pe, final pe p
צ, ץ tsadhe, final tsadhe ts
ק qoph q
ר resh r
שׂ sin s
שׁ shin sh
ת taw t


Symbol Name of Vowel Transliteration
ַ patakh, furtive patakh a
ָ qamets a
ה ָ final qamets he ah
ֶ segol e
ֵ tsere e
י ֵ tsere yod e
ִ hireq i
י ִ hireq yod i
ָ qamets hatuph o
ֹ holem o
וֹ full holem o
ֻ qibbuts u
וּ shureq u
ֳ hateph qamets o
ֲ hateph patakh a
ֱ hateph segol e
ְ vocal shewa e
ּ daghesh or mapiq if a vowel precedes a daghesh, double the consonant

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