The Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew name Square (Assyrian or Aramaic) script Paleo-Hebrew form Sound Traditional transliteration
Aleph א א glottal stop
Beth ב ב b b
Gimel ג ג g g
Daleth ד ד d d
He ה ה h h
Waw ו ו w w
Zayin ז ז s z
Heth ח ח ch (“loch”)
Teth ט ט t
Yod י י y y
Kaph כך כ k k
Lamedh ל ל l l
Mem מם מ m m
Nun נן נ n n
Samekh ס ס s s
Ayin ע ע
Pe פף פ p p
Tsadhe צץ צ ts
Qoph ק ק q q
Resh ר ר r r
Sin שׂ ש s ś
Shin שׁ ש sh š
Taw ת ת t t

(The transliteration style of Hebrew characters followed in this Study Bible has been somewhat simplified from the more precise traditional transliteration depicted in this chart. See Hebrew and Greektransliteration charts.)

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